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24 Grades of Foam Custom Cut To Whatever Size and Shape you want.

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We create foam ranging from paper thin packaging, mattresses, seats, pillows to expansion joints for bridges and everything else in between.

Dyman Foams is a Queensland based family owned and operated company supplying quality foam products to both the domestic and commercial Furniture and Bedding Industries as well as to a variety of other sectors such as the Transport Industry, the Sporting and Leisure Industry, the Packaging Industry, the Mining Industry and to the Construction Industry.

With over 28 different foams in standard and premium grades, Dyman Foams has the ability to supply any foam requirement to any market. Our products are locally made and can be cut to any size using our state of the art computerised and manual cutting equipment operated by the most experienced staff in the Industry.

We also supply Guttafilta with their Gutter Guard protection foam.


Where We Deliver

Quality, comfort and the best possible price of the foam are key factors. We sell direct to the public cutting out the middle man.


We are in the unique position to supply products for every Manufacturer in Australia and to offer all their warranties. We offer our own 5 Year and 10 Year warranties.

Our Capabilities

We can provide you with a solution. We can supply from paper thin for jewelry to expansion joints for bridges and everything else in between We have a wide range of densities that should cover almost any projects. 40 Densities. QDF. Polystyrene sheets.